The pleasure & pain of fall

It’s an odd thing to say, but today was almost painfully beautiful. As autumn fully takes hold, the big leaf maples are in the peak of their gold and orange glory. Ornamental trees and shrubs are showcasing hot reds, bright yellows, lime greens and even rich shades of purple. And still, remnants of summer surprise with their tenacity.

hydrangea bloom in fall

Why is it painful? First, because I want to paint it all, and of course that’s not realistic. Worse though, is knowing that the light, warmth and color of the last few months is staging its grand exit. Once this display fades, the dark, cold and rain of winter in the NW will settle over us.

fall color reflected in water

Yes, there’s a subtle and sometimes harsh beauty in that too, and as an artist, I’ll find it…but welcome winter? Only in celebration of the shortest day of the year, knowing that each day will be a couple minutes brighter…