Eye of the…hook?

Fort Casey, on Whidbey Island in Washington State, is full of interesting sights. Built in the late 1890s, the fort is located on a strategic point at the entrance to Puget Sound. On late Saturday afternoons during summer, it’s common to see a convoy of cruise ships leaving Seattle for Alaskan waters.

While preserved as a state park and National Historic Monument, age is catching up with the concrete and metal. Lime leaching out of the walls and rust eating away at metal make the fort a favorite place to photograph texture and color. My painting “Flight” was inspired by a stairway there.

On a recent visit, this rusted…something…caught my attention. I love how the jagged shape of it reaches into the sky, with the “eye of the needle” barely hanging on. The dilemma will be, what format to paint it in? Tall & narrow, conventional rectangle, or square? Decisions, decisions…

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